Flea Market and Farmers Market Rules and FAQs

The Flea Market and Farmers Market will be held rain or shine! But only if vendors want to show up and sell!

Vendors must supply his/her own tables, chairs, canopies, etc. There is no electricity and no generators are allowed. All vendors setting up a canopy in a space must have it properly anchored and/or weighted.

No gas filled balloons, guns, ammunition, fireworks, contraband, pornography, animals or animal parts may be offered for sale.

Vendor will not use the space for games, fires, sideshows or illegal purpose. No loud music or amplified voice equipment are permitted

Vendor will remove all their trash prior to leaving.  Trash, boxes, and all other debris may not be left on the grounds.

No pets are allowed. Vendors are not permitted to bring pets, even if they remain in a vehicle.

Manager reserves the right to restrict and evict any Vendor for non-compliance with rules and regulations as stated herewith, or any Vendor whose method of operation distracts from the integrity of the event without refund to Vendor.

All items for sale must be placed within the designated space markings and all aisles must be kept clear.

No vendor shall conduct his business so as to interfere with or disturb others. Failure to comply with any of the rules stated herewith shall be grounds for eviction from the Flea and Farmers Market without refund and the denial of future Flea and Farmers Market space. 

The vendor is aware that Raia Auctioneers, Inc. d/b/a/ Auction Marketplace (promoter) does not guarantee the safety or security for the person or property of the vendor at its outdoor antique markets. Dealer assumes all risk of personal injury and loss of property.

Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Auction Marketplace against any and all claims and causes of action arising out of: (1) personal injury to, or loss of property of vendor or any of vendors employees or (2) Vendors activities in connection with the Marketplace.

The provisions in theses Rules and FAQs shall apply on all occasions commencing with this Flea Market and Farmers Market.